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In honour of this year’s Learning at Work Week, we’re showcasing the importance (and benefits!) of continuous learning & development in the workplace. 

Learning at Work Week aims to promote a culture of supported learning, and we couldn’t resonate with this more here at Talent. Our dedicated Learning and Development managers actively encourage and support our employees to not only nurture their expertise in the world of recruitment - but ensure a full understanding of career pathways and opportunities to progress. 

Here are just a few key career-boosting benefits of lifelong learning in the workplace:

Improved confidence

The more you know, the more confident you’ll be when applying your knowledge on the job. It’s a no brainer, and especially relevant as a recruiter! Having confidence within your market and building rapport with clients and candidates is crucial; learning new skills & developing your knowledge plays a big role in this. 

Better customer satisfaction

Knowledgeable service and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. Learning new ways to approach your work allows you to deliver more tailored service, honing in on your ability to adapt. Better client satisfaction leads to better business results, making workplace learning a win-win for all. 

More collaboration at work

Typically, employees who are most motivated to learn often become managers themselves. This is not only a career-boosting pathway, but also fosters greater collaboration within teams and allows for further learning via teaching others. You’ll develop your communication skills (along with industry knowledge) as a result, but will gain a deeper understanding of other departments & teams outside of your own. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Learning at work should go far beyond your first 6 months in a role, especially in the ever-changing market of recruitment. Having the support you need to develop and mould your skills is crucial, and we’re dedicated to ensuring our employees have access to all the tools needed to achieve their career goals.

Our EMEA and APAC Learning & Development Managers, Ian Buckland and Natalie Iglesias, shared their valuable insights into the key workplace learning opportunities available to you at Talent - and how you can build a thriving career in recruitment as a result. 

What are some of the key learning & development opportunities Talent provide to staff? And how can they positively impact someone’s career in recruitment?

Our focus is to ensure that everyone at Talent has a full understanding of the career pathways they can follow, and our learning and development is designed to support them every step of the way - from trainee to Director. This starts with a 0-60 induction process, which is individually tailored to their starting role and experience. We focus on accelerating performance in those critical first 60-days working in a new position. 

Beyond that, we offer a portfolio of 60+ bite-sized modules focused on recruitment and personal skills, providing ongoing development for our consultants designed to scale their skills and progress to more senior roles (if this is a route they wish to take). Progression into management is fully supported, with our existing leadership teams receiving ongoing development too as needed. 

We also offer our ‘Talent Learn Anytime’ policy, which provides paid time off to undergo training that is relevant to you and your individual goals. It’s a really unique opportunity for our teams across the entire business to learn and develop in a way that suits them. At the end of the day, workplace learning should be guided by YOU, and we are here to support at every step. 

What do you find most rewarding about being a Learning & Development Manager at Talent?

The impact we have across all levels of the business is great, and Talent truly recognises the value of L&D. We have the opportunity to tailor our strategy to align with business goals, allowing us to build training from the ground up and create real positive change for our people. 

Our hands-on approach also means we’re involved on an individual level. Our training goes far beyond ‘classroom-style’ sessions, and there’s nothing more rewarding than creating a safe space for everyone to grow, succeed and progress in a way that best suits them. 

How do Talent’s workplace learning opportunities stand out from the rest?

We recognise individuality and don’t have a blanket approach. This means we focus on individual needs and the specific career aspirations of our people, allowing us to deliver tailored development plans to each person. We recognise that everyone has different goals for where they want to take their career, and our training absolutely reflects that. You’re never seen as “one of many” here at Talent. 

Our ‘Learn Anytime’ policy is also very unique, and we utilise both in-house and external training to meet our different teams’ needs. 

What advice would you give to someone who still has a lot to learn, but wants to elevate their career in recruitment?

All industries and businesses have to evolve to thrive. No one just wants to survive, and the recruitment sector is no different. You need to continually develop your skills to stay current and provide value to candidates and clients - and working for a company with the same ethos is crucial. 

Talent is always evolving and innovating to ensure we deliver industry-leading services and solutions, and our L&D strategies reflect that. We support our people to become true consultants in their own right, providing continuous advice and guidance that’s tailored to them. 

Recruitment is all about adapting to new circumstances and (most importantly) fostering meaningful connections and relationships. Being authentic in your interactions is super important, and we’ll work alongside you to help develop your communication skills in actionable ways - as well as providing the latest recruitment tools and tech to boost your market expertise. There are so many different facets to this job, and our training covers multiple areas designed to set you up for success. 

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