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We chatted to Kevin Board, Talent EMEA's Sales Operations Director, about the Talent Summer 2022 trip to Dubrovnik - and what's coming up next year for our UK and Germany teams.

Our company culture truly is at the heart of our business. We’re passionate as a leadership team about rewarding our people for their hard work and commitment to our values - which is where Talent’s summer incentive trips come in.

Our latest EMEA trip saw 12 of our staff heading to Dubrovnik in Croatia for a few days. And, having organised and having the privilege of running the trip, feedback from everyone was this was one of the best yet. All of our EMEA offices had team members there and the sense of community was great to see. 

Collaborating once again (away from the British rain!)

While the pandemic is by no means completely over, it’s not impacting our daily lives as heavily as it once was. One of our main goals as a business was to encourage collaboration and relationship building once in-person gatherings were allowed - especially since we onboarded a few new staff members during lockdowns. And what better way to spend time together than in the Croatian sun? 

From eating at restaurants with stunning panoramic views, exploring the heritage of such a picturesque town, to driving ATVs along the Dubrovnik coast, we made sure there was something for everyone. We even got stuck in a lift which brought us even closer together... Thankfully we got out ok! I know what you might be thinking: “a lot of trips from recruitment companies look like one giant party 24/7” - but we do things differently at Talent. 

Trips with a difference

Sure, there’s always the option to have a drink and enjoy yourself that way if that’s your thing, but we know it’s not for everyone. We strive to create an environment that has options and activities to suit all, where people truly feel comfortable getting together  and having a good time celebrating success (and if there’s great weather involved, even better). 

It’s not just about the money

It would make sense to assume that incentive trips are designed for the top performers in the business. And, while this is true to an extent, we do our best to make sure it’s NOT just about how much you’re making in sales. We have a pretty broad criteria to qualify for these trips, giving everyone across the organisation a chance to experience them. Whether you work in Finance, Marketing, Operations or Sales, there’s no one excluded from being involved. 

It’s all too common in recruitment for rewards and incentives to be solely based around sales. We’d be lying if we didn’t put emphasis on figures (which business doesn’t?), but we still want to make sure people in other areas of the business have their hard work recognised. We’d never want our incentives to be events in which the same faces go every year. 

What’s next?

Croatia (and previous trips including Ibiza and Vegas) have without doubt been brilliant experiences for our EMEA teams. However, 2023 will offer our biggest trip yet. 

Originally founded in Australia, many of Talent’s roots are down under - and we want to give our UK and Germany teams the chance to experience how the business works over there, as well as the opportunity to get to know the people. So, next year offers the chance for 2 weeks in Australia - a real trip of a lifetime! 

We’ve come a long way over the past couple of years, and we know this incentive will be a truly unique chance for our global teams to meet, collaborate, and get to know each other in person. From attending the legendary APAC 3-day conference to a bunch of sightseeing, there will be so much to experience and explore. We’ve broadened our criteria and expanded the number of people who will qualify, and it’s safe to say our teams are already excited. 

Where company culture comes first

Our incentives are built around far more than just showy celebrations of success. Company culture and collaboration really does come first at Talent, and we’re always striving for better in making this happen, listening to our people, and providing equal opportunities for all. 

Here's a snippet of what we got up to:

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