Welcome to the world of Manchester

Welcome to Manchester

We’re a close-knit team here in Manchester, passionate about delivering exceptional service and creating a supportive (and fun!) office culture.

As one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the North, Manchester is without doubt one of the UK's top spots to live and work (and have a good time while doing it!). We partner with some of the most exciting and dynamic corporations here at Talent Manchester, successfully delivering skilled service every step of the way. 

We not only strive to deliver the best people for our clients' tech roles - but we’re also super passionate about supporting each other as a team. With this team spirit, we collaborate and work together very naturally - and we get along like a house on fire. This not only makes for a relaxed yet vibrant office culture, but plenty of social time outside of work! 

As a new member of team Manchester, you can rest assured you’ll be made to feel at home. You’ll receive all the guidance you need to up-skill and develop in the world of tech recruitment, as well as support to achieve your long-term career goals.

We’ve built a really solid team in Manchester and there’s no sign of stopping any time soon. Everyone’s super motivated to do their job well, and I couldn’t be prouder of the encouraging and supportive environment we’ve built here. We’re teammates, not just colleagues, and we have plenty of fun all while working hard and delivering great service to our candidates and clients.

James Davies
Talent Northern Regional Director

Our values at Talent are at the core of everything that we create and how we work together.

Here's a bit about how we're walking the talk in Manchester

Lead the way

We understand that not everyone's the same. If we were, how boring would that be?! Everyone is given the freedom and support to work in a way that suits them. This allows us to thrive and deliver different perspectives to one another.

Strive for better

We truly care about the job we do. We listen to feedback and do our best to understand the challenges of each and every client and candidate. With this knowledge, we can provide tailored services that really go the extra mile.

Give a damn

'Give a damn' means more to us than just 'doing your job well’. We give a damn about not only the service we deliver but also our team. In turn, this level of passion and care resonates strongly in the results we achieve - and keeps our office culture positive, encouraging and (above all) a truly great place to work!

I love how inclusive and encouraging everyone is here - and when we’re all working together in the office and not at home, it’s even better! There’s the perfect balance of hard work and a fun social life here in team Manchester, and there’s always opportunity to progress.

Luke Achilles
Recruitment Consultant, Talent Manchester

That all sounds awesome

Where do I join?!

Melanie Maroun
Talent Acquisition Partner

Let's talk!

Mel is the person to speak to if you’re looking to explore opportunities with Talent. She looks after hiring for Team Talent and ensuring you have an awesome candidate experience with us.

If you’re interested in progressing your career with Talent, reach out to Mel here, or on LinkedIn – she’d love to hear from you.

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