Welcome to the world of Talent Consulting

Welcome to Talent Consulting

We are Talent Consulting! We build better, bolder and more inclusive public services.

We are a fun, hardworking team with a real passion for supporting our clients professionally and personally. Building these relationships is the heart and soul of our work in Talent Consulting. 

We work with our clients to design easy-to-use digital services for the Public Sector. 

With a 25 year history of delivering digital services to public sector organisations across the globe and long-standing relationships across the UK, Talent Consulting is the partner of choice for digital transformation within the UK Public Sector.

Our services include designing and building digital services that meet the GDS Service Standard as well as supporting and managing cloud migration, optimisation and live service management. We provide digital experts in all Digital, Data and Technology specialisms to those who need it most! We support a move to digital and agile working, including coaching, up-skilling and capability development.

We know how to have a laugh, but we back it up with hard-work and enthusiasm for what we do! Check out out website below: Talent Consulting

We have worked exclusively within the public sector for over 20 years and have provided over 400 associates in the last 2 years. We have an in-depth understanding of how these roles work together, demonstrated by successfully building and leading multi-disciplinary agile development teams.

Sarah Bellis
EMEA Public Sector Director

Our values at Talent are at the core of everything that we create and how we work together.

Here's a bit about how we're walking the talk in Talent Consulting

Lead the way

We lead the way in client/candidate experiences, whether this be through our continuous efforts to better our relationships with clients or internally understanding our team’s needs and circumstances - respecting everyone's differences and lifestyles!

Strive for better

We are intensely passionate about the work we do. We listen to feedback to deliver quality services to the Public Sector. We bolster this hard work and strive to treat our candidates and clients well - to boost retention, reputation and achieve a more collaborative atmosphere with our clients.

Give a damn

We do our best to ‘Give a Damn’ through the work we do, the way we treat our clients and candidates, building lasting and strong relationships. We look out for each other in the team, making sure everyone is working well together and being as diverse and inclusive as possible - ensuring each team member's individual situations are respected and understood.

Talent Consulting are passionate about user needs and delivering the outcomes our clients and users want. We make Digital easy, giving our clients reassurance that we are experts in our field.

Kayleigh Hudson
Bid Coordinator

That all sounds awesome

Where do I join?!

Let's talk!

Mel is the person to speak to if you’re looking to explore opportunities with Talent. She looks after hiring for Team Talent and ensuring you have an awesome candidate experience with us.

If you’re interested in progressing your career with Talent, reach out to Mel here, or on LinkedIn – she’d love to hear from you.

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