A day in the life at Talent Sydney

Life at Talent
Life at Talent

If you speak to anyone who works at Talent, you might notice that we are pretty happy, so much so that we have just been named a recipient of Gallup’s global Top 40 Exceptional Workplace Award for the fourth year in a row.

So, what’s it all about? We wanted to take you through a day in the life of the Sydney office and share what makes Talent so special.

We work off a hybrid model, with a mix of in-office and work from home days. On a day that you are in the office, here’s a little bit of what you can expect…

Opposite Hyde Park in our beautiful head office you will get off the elevator and be greeted by Sue our Office Manager, who happens to be the loveliest person in the world. Sue makes it her priority to ensure the office is running beautifully and everyone in it is happy (she just hooked us up with a brand-new coffee machine!). On Fridays you will get to experience Sue’s famous drinks trolley as it makes its weekly tour around the office.

After saying hello to your team and enjoying your coffee you might be interrupted by our Global CEO Mark Nielsen walking (or dancing) around the office with a giant boom box on his shoulder playing some pumping tunes. It’s a pretty normal way to start the day; everyone has a bit of a dance, and the vibe is electric.

After a meeting with a client or two and making a few phone calls to some candidates, you might wander over to the Marketing department to check out the campaigns and events they have going on, which you can share with or invite your clients to. And while you’re in back office you may pay a visit to Payroll to thank them because you had some great feedback from a new contractor who loves how prompt they are with payment.

It’s lunch time! You could head out to the Edinburgh pub nearby which is a Sydney team favourite, or grab some takeaway from the nearby Galeries food court to eat in the office kitchen alongside your friends from back office. And if you feel like a snack or something sweet after lunch, you have lots of yummy healthy (and unhealthy) treats to choose from.

After lunch, you have your regular catch-up with your manager to discuss how you’re doing, and what they can do to support you. You have a tender due that you have just received back from the bids and tender department (yes, we have a dedicated team who work on bids and tenders so you don’t need to) and your manager has a look over it with you and discusses what other information you might want to add. You also speak about your career progression goals and discuss any development or training Talent can provide for you to reach these ambitions (we also have dedicated hours set aside in the month to focus in on this with your manager).

After a solid afternoon of work and maybe a few extra snacks for good measure, it’s time to call it a day and get together with the entire Sydney crew for some drinks before heading out to the Talent Social Club activity for the month.

And there you have it, a day in what could be your life if you came to work at Talent. If you are interested in learning about what roles we have available, you can find more information here.

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