"You have a voice, so feel empowered to use it."

Life at Talent
Life at Talent

For International Women’s Day, we chatted to Bernie Wolff, Contractor Experience Manager in Talent Brisbane about her career journey at Talent.

Can you share a career milestone or significant challenge that has shaped your journey?

All the squiggly lines in my career have significantly shaped me into who I am today, and I’m so grateful for the non-linear path I have created for myself. It’s all those colleagues & stakeholders I worked with, the different industries I was exposed to, the various roles I took on with so many skills learnt along the way!

However, I think back to the time when I worked in industries whose values didn’t align with my own. I felt like an imposter, showing up every day with a smile, knowing that I didn’t agree on a business model that felt unethical or the type of industry I was supporting.

It wasn’t until I kicked off my Talent journey that I discovered my own untapped potential. I found confidence in my voice and embraced my authentic self over the past few years. Here, I feel safe to stretch the limits of this role and be supported while doing so. It helps when a company actually lives and breathes its values too!

What does International Women's Day mean to you?

Firstly, celebrate the achievements of women in the workforce for how far we have come in society to get to this very point. It’s incredible to see the education and awareness of the shortcoming’s females have experienced over the years.

Secondly, acknowledging the disparity between genders in the workplace, and how we can close the gap. As much as there has been so much change and incredible improvements that we can applaud, there are still so many opportunities for organisations to rise up and make a change!

What are the positive changes you have experienced for women in business over the years?

Personally experienced change within Talent when I was involved in an ESG focus group to change internal policies. Updating the parental leave policy was first on the agenda, and luckily was the first employee to use this! My experience through maternity leave was such a positive one, I felt engaged and kept up to date with any changes in the office, so my return-to-work 9 months later was a gradual and supportive experience. Unfortunately, my example wasn’t the norm amongst my mum group, which saddens me that other organisations don’t have the policies or structure in place to support such a challenging transition in a parent’s life.

IWD has played a role in driving positive changes for women in business and highlighting the importance of gender equality in the workplace. There’s still work to be done, so let’s see what can happen in the next few years and beyond!

If you could give your younger self career advice, what would it be?

Three things:

1. You have a voice, so feel empowered to use it.

2. Learn early on to establish your boundaries, and when to confidently say no.

3. Quit over-apologising. You can thank me later.

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