"Saying I have had variety in my role would be an understatement!"

Life at Talent
Life at Talent
We chatted to Sorcha Joyce, the Head of Client Success in our Talent Solutions team about her journey with Talent so far, here's what she had to say.

How long have you been at Talent and what attracted you to join? What was your story before joining us?

I’ve just hit the 9 year mark with Talent (yep, I know, a bloody long time). Talent has always had a good reputation and great people, both of which attracted me to join all those years ago. But what I was most impressed by was the innovative thinking behind Talent which had made it a true industry leader, and that is still the case 9 years later. I wanted to work with the best in industry!

I started as a Tech Recruiter in Sydney, before moving to the Canberra branch as an Account Manager. While I really enjoyed working with my clients to identify candidates in market, I really wanted to play a more strategic role with my clients when it came to building teams. Just as I was ready for a change, the Talent Solutions business unit was born, and I immediately recognised the success it would eventually have as provider of Embedded Solutions and Talent Advisory. My journey with Solutions started as a Sales Lead to identify start-up and scale up companies that needed support going through the next level of growth. I then transitioned into a Client Services Lead, managing key accounts and overseeing the onsite TA teams. Saying I have had variety in my role would be an understatement! Being part of the Solutions team from the beginning allowed me to get involved in all aspects of the business.

What makes Talent stand out from the rest?

Talent is an industry leader unlike many other players in this space. A few things stand out to me. Firstly, the leaders across the business and the way they look to diversify our services and really breakdown what a traditional agency looks like in this industry.

We’ve held major events; the Unleashed Awards being one, to support and promote tech start-ups and identify upcoming founders with ideas that could change the world. It was like nothing you’ve ever seen from a recruitment company and we had Steve Wozniack and Richard Branson as judges. We also have events to launch our books Human with panel speakers including David Gonski and amazing Women in Tech events to ignite conversation around the gender gap and the benefits of creating a more diverse tech sector.  

Secondly, Talent has built an employer brand that’s comparable to world-leading organisations. The philosophy around our marketing and activities is to align ourselves with tech companies as opposed to other recruitment agencies, always taking a human-first approach.

And lastly, the people I get to work with each day. They are not only the friendliest and most engaging team, but also the best at what they do. Everyone around me takes so much pride and care in their work -this keeps me motivated to always do my best.

What are the key principles or values you follow that have helped you succeed in your role (career or personally)

I think one of the values that really stands out tome and has helped me to continually grow and develop in this field aligns to one of Talent’s values, “Strive for better”.

When you really take the time to understand your clients’ needs and the needs of your candidates, you feel motivated to do your best and act with their best interests at heart. When you continually do work with integrity and honesty, it’s usually recognised and appreciated by others.  


There are lots of young new starters coming into recruitment right now. What would your advice be for them?

Firstly, the recruitment world has changed a lot over the past few years and will continue to do so, all for the better too. So, it is a great time to join but it will take resilience, patience, and a lot of determination.

Some thoughts when looking for a recruitment role?

Consider the organisation you are interviewing with, get to understand their values and what has allowed them to be where they are today. How is their brand presented in industry? What’s the team like around you, do you recognise who could be your mentor? Like all sectors, there are some great recruitment companies and then there are the other companies.Position yourself by working with the right employer, and that will set you up for success.

It’s a long road that can be very rewarding so it’s important to think about how you build your own personal brand through the relationships you develop with both your candidates and clients.

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