Welcome to the world of Bangalore

Welcome to Bangalore

Hello from Bangalore! We operate as the Global Strategic Delivery Centre for Talent.

Did you know, Bangalore is also known as the “The Silicon Valley of India”? What better place to set up a Global Strategic Delivery Centre for Talent? From humble beginnings 4 years ago, to the present day where we are a team of 18 and growing, we are a very committed and diverse team that work on recruitment delivery, sourcing delivery and business support activities.

Team Bangalore is at the perfect stage where this new model has proven to be successful and is going to ramp up, allowing for limitless opportunities for both existing team members and new entrants.

The Bangalore operations is like a start-up venture, almost everything we do here is a first for Talent and I am really humbled and proud of the team and what we have achieved. We have an awesome team that are very committed and supportive, which also reflects the culture. Since we are a global delivery centre, there will be plenty of opportunities for people to grow.

Paul Virkkey
Director – Talent Bangalore

Our values at Talent are at the core of everything that we create and how we work together.

Here's a bit about how we're walking the talk in Bangalore

Lead the way

Almost everything that comes here is like a blank canvas, so we are always looking at new ways to do things. The team is always ready to go down the unexplored path and lead the way.

Strive for better

Part of the culture that we have created at team Bangalore is to constantly try > fail > improvise > succeed. Throughout consistent team meetings, members are continually encouraged to suggest ideas that could be implemented for company and team improvement.

Give a damn

Genuine care is built into our team culture. Every member is willing and ready to go the extra mile to assist a team member, client, candidate or anyone else that needs a helping hand.

Working in a new region for a company can often be a bit daunting but with the right leadership, a good team, and great culture, we have built something special here in Bangalore, and I think that's largely thanks to delivering on promise and transparency.

Sandeep Abbimane
Recruitment Consultant

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