Welcome to the world of Finance & Payroll

Welcome to Finance & Payroll

Greetings from the Finance & Payroll team. We have the pleasure of working with all the different and unique teams within Talent, and on that, we like to think of ourselves as different and unique from other finance and payroll teams.

There is a constant upbeat vibe when we start our day, not only due to our awesome tunes that we love to pump, but because we have created a supportive and encouraging team. We love learning new tricks to help not only ourselves but more importantly the teams we get to work with each day. Whether that is paying our amazing contractors, working on legislation, or helping our teams with their day-to-day finance questions.

With team members living in the UK and APAC, we love to spread our wings. We were the first team to enjoy the Talent Anywhere initiative because we know that work doesn’t just have to happen at your usual office.

Our Friday ‘wine downs’ are a fun way to finish the week, and we look forward to our monthly team breakfasts as a nice reward for our hard work in-between. With years of experience throughout the group, you are always learning, developing, and growing to new heights.

In our Finance & Payroll team, we foster an environment that integrates teamwork, intelligence and innovation to reach our potential. Through a common vision and a transparent and collaborative culture, we harness each other’s skills to reach our individual goals and organisational objectives. We live by the motto ‘finance is fun’ and bring the joy to our work environment by being our true selves and embracing and rewarding our successes.

Megan Woodbury
Global Chief Financial Officer

Our values at Talent are at the core of everything that we create and how we work together.

Here's a bit about how we're walking the talk in Finance & Payroll

Lead the way

We pride ourselves on the cultural diversity of our payroll team, which is an excellent example of our commitment to one of Talent’s key values.

Strive for better

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience by monitoring feedback from the leadership team, contractors and acting on their suggestions.

Give a damn

We look for ways to constantly improve and advance the professional development of our team and reward excellence. We're here to make the larger #teamtalent's life easier and more fun - (just ask us about our team holidays & conferences!)

Here at the Payroll division, we strive to always provide the best service possible to our stakeholders. How we do this is by being a supportive and encouraging team with the right attitude. We are very lucky we get to work with such an awesome bunch of people.

Mary Tymczuk
Payroll Manager

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