Welcome to the world of IT Support

Welcome to IT Support

Welcome to team Talent IT! Located in Sydney and Melbourne, we are a team specialising in all aspects of IT from consulting, build, design, project management and operational support.

IT has a vast array of specialisations and as a small team covering a wide array of skills and knowledge it comes down to commitment and years of collective experience. We like to keep close relationships with all of our vendors, so much so that they often feel like part of team Talent and reciprocate this back to us.

We are never shy of projects and initiatives and are always looking to continue to evolve and transform. We’re all about working as a team and we are somewhat of a work family, always in contact and leveraging ideas and working on plans together.

We have a small, yet super energetic team in different parts of the world. We never have a shortage of exciting stuff to work on and everyone’s thrilled to showcase what’s possible. We’re teammates, not just colleagues, and we have plenty of fun all while working hard on new and innovative ways to work

Phil Tang
Talent Group Infrastructure Manager

Our values at Talent are at the core of everything that we create and how we work together.

Here's a bit about how we're walking the talk in IT Support

Lead the way

We have a successful track record of delivering solutions on budget and on time. We are always around to answer questions, and even give personal advice to team members, and we have spent years building a good rapport with everyone at Talent.

Strive for better

We aspire to create a user experience second to none so that our recruiters' experience flows into our customer’s experience. Happy people give off a happy vibe.

Give a damn

In IT we care. We are a business partner, so we have a vested interest in the success of not only our department but the company and everyone who works here. We are a family, we talk about everything - love, life, adventures, and trials and tribulations - and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are not the stereotypical, boring IT guys who are disinterested in helping people. We have a passion for breaking new ground, providing value-add solutions, and providing joy to people in finding cool products and easier ways of doing tasks.

Louis Yang
Senior Systems Analyst

That all sounds awesome

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