Welcome to the world of Our Leadership Team

Welcome to Our Leadership Team

Hello from the global leadership team! You can find us all over the world. We're here to build a better world of work for our teams, clients, contractors and candidates.

We love to see our people thriving in their roles and we strive to make sure we are fulfilling their aspirations whilst working here at Talent. We do this by really taking the time to listen to our people, mentoring our teams and team leaders, and actually walking the talk on initiatives that we want to bring to life. 

We all get together regularly for leadership meetings where we discuss ways in which to improve the business, ease the challenges people may be facing, and ideate what else we can be doing to build a better world of work. 

It’s not all meetings though. We do get to have a bit of fun afterwards too, with lots of team building activities such as leadership trips, yoga classes, and even sailing on the agenda.  

It’s an exciting time to be working at Talent, and much like sailing, we know that the only way to success is by working together. We are #OneTeam and this ethos guides everything that we do.

Meet the Leadership Team

Being able to bring your most authentic self to work creates that electric vibe throughout a business. I love encouraging this within our global teams and fostering the brilliant culture that this then brings. Talent, in the words of Simon Sinek is “playing the infinite game and being better each day” when it comes to all facets of giving back to our team members, whether it is through our perks, benefits, ESG strategy or just sitting around a lunch table having a laugh!

Mark Nielsen
Talent Global CEO

In our Finance & Payroll team, we foster an environment that integrates teamwork, intelligence and innovation to reach our potential. Through a common vision and a transparent and collaborative culture, we harness each other’s skills to reach our individual goals and organisational objectives. We live by the motto ‘finance is fun’ and bring the joy to our work environment by being our true selves and embracing and rewarding our successes.

Megan Woodbury
Global Chief Financial Officer

Our values at Talent are at the core of everything that we create and how we work together.

Here's a bit about how we're walking the talk in Our Leadership Team

Lead the way

We like to be industry leaders when it comes to the tech and digital recruitment world. We are the only recruitment company belonging to the Climate Leaders Coalition and aim to make sure our carbon footprint is minimal within our ESG strategy.

Strive for better

Our ESG strategy takes core components to another level to make sure we as a business are striving for a better world of work for all. It starts from within and our charitable foundation, Talent RISE, is a testament to that.

Give a damn

As Richard Branson once said, “Look after your people, and your people will look after your clients”, and that is exactly what we aim to do here at Talent. Our people are at the forefront and giving a damn about their wellbeing is our priority.

As a team, we are consistently discussing how we can continue to make Talent the ‘best place to work’, as well as improvements to how we support our candidates and clients. We are a supportive team that drive excellence, whilst always having fun. Yes, work can be fun especially when the vibe at Talent is a true inclusive environment.

Simon Yeung
Managing Director, Talent Melbourne

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