Welcome to the world of Marketing

Welcome to Marketing

We’re the custodians of all things brand, and we like to have a bit of fun while doing it! You can find us in the Sydney and New York offices supporting our global team.

We are a small but mighty global team, each person is an expert in their field of work whether that is digital marketing, design, communications or straight up marketing. We love learning, growing, sharing ideas, and creating exciting content to take to market, with no two days the same.

We love researching new trends, trying out something different (yes, we have a Tik Tok account), and getting together for a cheeky beverage to finish off the week. Life is a balance, right?! 

We grow Talent’s business by attracting new clients, candidates and contractors, as well as engaging and inspiring those we already work with. Our vision is to build a better world of work and we do this by building a bold, optimistic and human brand that reflects our values and breaks us from our industry pack.

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Better World of Work

Working in marketing at Talent has been an incredible journey of growth and adventure for me. From plenty of career progression to experiences in San Francisco, New Zealand, London, and across Australia, every step has been a thrilling opportunity. Our passionate and caring team is focused on delivering exceptional outcomes and building an industry-leading brand, and we get to work in partnership with sales teams that truly appreciate the value marketing can bring.

Chloe O'Toole
Head of Marketing - APAC

Bringing to life creative, informative and thought-provoking marketing content that lives to Talent’s vision, mission and values is something we as a team pride ourselves in. I believe this wouldn’t be possible without creating a safe and open space that our team can flourish and thrive to their best each day and I am so happy to say that we have that every day we open our laptops.

Amanda Vitucci
Talent Head of Communications

Our values at Talent are at the core of everything that we create and how we work together.

Here's a bit about how we're walking the talk in Marketing

Lead the way

We’re no traditional marketing team. We push boundaries and break from the pack. You won’t find boring stock images of people sitting behind computers with us. We bring this into the content that we create for our website, our socials and for our team members to use.

Strive for better

We’re aspiring to be market leaders who are striving to create content and stories that build a better world of work for all. We love our campaigns, but we always ensure that we’re looking for ways to give back and add-value to our audiences.

Give a damn

We give a damn about our customers, clients, team, and the world of work around us. We recently worked on a Women in Tech event with a difference and shared our findings with businesses that Talent works with across the globe.

What’s better than working with great people? Working with great people who are excellent at their jobs! Team Marketing live the Talent values every day and that’s what makes our team such an exciting gang to be a part of. I couldn’t think of a better bunch of people to learn from and share my knowledge with.

Lauran Vohmann
Digital Marketing Manager

I joined Talent in 2018, it’s been an amazing journey so far which has included relocating from the UK to Australia. I can honestly say that I love my job! The people, the work, and the company culture are all fantastic. It's a place where I genuinely look forward to coming to work each day and have been massively supported in the development of my career.

Mike Powis
Creative Lead

That all sounds awesome

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